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I bet Zimmerman will not do First Take again.

I burnt her good and I'm right. The people around them thought it was funny too, so no problems there either Shaq was the best player in the game at one time. Kate beckett nude pics. Dana jacobson naked. Greeny brought up a great point on Mike and Mike this morning. Dana, rule changes also made it more difficult for a center to dominate, e. Jay, did I hear sometime last week you were doing something at UK? Shawn Pton, IN i liked how jeff van gundy was on pti, i believe, and basically called out howard for his comments And I definitely agree that if the game is tied with 5 seconds to go, I want Melo to take the shot versus LeBron.

Everybody knows that prince james true rival is Carmelo. Rayfield also spoke highly of Barber. KG wouldn't even guard Dwight, he'd guard Lewis. It doesn't matter what position a player plays in.

Wonder how the time away has affected him. They have the worst mascot in college sports. Hot milf bent over. But surely as news moves beyond paper and publisher, it must become so. I atttempted to ask this yesterday, but I was too late. I can see Dwight Howard taking 25 shots tonight and the Magic losing by 15 points. BuzzFeed David Kushner 's exquisitely timed profile of Anonymous. Jay, you should call back Paulus and ask him if he wants to play point for the basketball team Johnny Scranton, PA Michael: A lot of other fans in many sports would have been looking for the door.

Veg Austin, TX since you're gonna talk about my O's in 4th down Dave milwaukee WI Come to see the game not the fans David maryland I definitely agree with woody I'll continue to watch the nhl playoffs because of sidney crosby vs bruins and redwings vs blackhawks.

The two guys behind homeplat in the yanks game have been there fo a week or so. Originally Posted by theehawk wow pic 2 is my favorite she has a great body and looks like she could ride me all night. I'm done with you. I'm still trying to figure out how Cliff Lee gave up 6 runs in 4 starts and walked away without a win. Calvin -- How about this? By the way, Skip Actually turned the game off in the 2nd period. I don't see them be relevant anymore.

Alex was under scrutiny for steriods for months, and then the Selena Roberts book comes out, Manny tests positive, and Alex rushed back because the Yanks needed him. Sexy korean girl webcam. Shane Denver Melo is starting to understand what he can do for the Nuggets.

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Lance, I'm not saying they aren't great. TheWacoKidd haters gonna hate. Nude massage girl video. Everybody knows that prince james true rival is Carmelo. They are really skilled but have too many mental lapses. Add theehawk to Rail Reply Quote 1. Peter Indianapolis Lance, I'm not saying they aren't great. Woody, if you want a copy of our photo let me know, and I'll e-mail it to you.

It's hard enough to get Woody to shut up but now Skip is going Woody on you too.

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I bet Woody wants the umpire fired. Dana jacobson naked. Dan Austintown, OH i love that Woody is back. Pissing nude women. Dana, are you the moderator or Skip and Woody's babysitter? I think what might have been the problem as that it appears the lady was so drunk she had no control over herself. First, I have a problem and I watch too much First Take. Skip you picked the Hornets in 6 then you barely picked Denver over Dallas.

If they play to the way they should be, the lakers will win in 6. But if you're from the Northeast, what's the difference in weather? Good point Dana however I think that puts much more scruity on LeBron.

They have the worst record in the AL Matt New Britian,CT complain,complain,complain,complain. BrAinPaiNtJan 23, If he's not, who can blame him for trying? Kelly Columbus, Oh There seem to be a million and one similar storylines between the Cavs and Nuggets; hottest teams in the playoffs, young superstar small forwards, new point guards who "put them over the top". Hey Mod you should post this comment because I am going to complain about only getting one post out of Dwight Howard complained about not getting the ball down the stretch but personally I don't blame Stan Van Gundy You'd have to be pretty smashed just to think they could win the Big Ten tourney - and if they somehow pulled off that miracle which they won't, seeing as they're the sacrificial lambs for Wisconsin nowthey'd be in the play-in game.

Here's a trivia question most people will miss: Second, she's been harping on this all week. Return to Off Topic. You would have said why did everyone just stand there! The Baltimore players showed class in helping Pena. Karachi sex xvideos. Broncos are old news. Umor detroit Verlander foung his curve again.

Add louiemdj to Rail Reply Quote I have no respect for Jay his onesided commentary for the indians and lebron are uncalled for. Plz do Playboy or something nastier, ty. People expect it to be a competitive series but ultimately LA to win because they have more experience and a certain player that has won multiple titles and an MVP last year Shaq was the best player in the game at one time.

Veg Austin, TX Great show and chat. Originally Posted by Jaybone i would of never noticed her hands if you didnt say something. They do not have that killer instict as teams of old. By JBurdan23 in Off Topic. SanfordFL United States. KhartunJan 23,

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I feel like people are giving Denver more of a chance than I ever expected! To Behn in Indiana, I am a Cub fan, but this time last year I do believe people were saying the same thing about the Rays.

Aaron Denver Peter you are crazy! ChicagoIL United States. Brian KY How bout them Reds? Jay I think Pena already caught the ball they just helped the guy from falling into the dugout and breaking his back or something. Naked woodstock pics. It doesn't matter what position a player plays in. Jay, Pena getting help in the dugout is just players helping out someone who may be a teammate later in the year or next year the way players move around in MLB anymore. Asian milf selfies Log in or Sign up. Dana jacobson naked. Melo, since he's entered the league, has been one of the better wing men in the game.

Oh come on Greg you gotta respect a real

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