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I've listenedto some recordings that are suposed to put you to actual sleep and let you have lucid dreams, but whenever I'm reaching that "twilight" state, my thoughts usually just wonder off.

I usually don't cum the first time at these sessions, but this one worked perfectly. Girl from american pickers nude. File size I have is same as on giga, did giga mess up your upload? Hmm lets see, I actually wasn't fully erect for the orgasm but it still came haha.

Being told something while you are in a suggestible mood and emotional changes your world. Isabella valentine hands free. I will follow the example of those who are idolized by the capitalized society and take whatsoever i want and give nothing back.

This recording is a must have! The second thing is repetition. I have yet to listen to a single erotic hypnosis file that takes me as deep as well as the Ultra Depth file. When I followed the instructions and moved, It certainly helped and even was able to achieve HFO on a file that I didn't before.

The spoiler link on reddit leads to page not found? But I personally think that is due to the repitition and training my brain to kinda accept it. For me personally I had to listen to this three times to have a full orgasm. Achieving this state is just a matter of practice, every day, using many deepeners, until you start having 'blackouts' or amnesia don't remember the hypnosis, but wake up around the awakener. Hata on I'd love to, but I don't even know if it's possible: Log in with a commenting account or register a commenting account if you don't have one.

Thanks for sharing DonJohn! I dont know how to use giga. I tried laying still once. Aunty nude clips. Will try the others some other time. However I can see how someone would be able to achieve hfo with the file. Familiarity with her previous HFO files is definitely a plus, although not required.

Sometimes when I am falling asleep I can think of an object or thing and think of the sound that thing makes. In fact, hands would counteract it, causing a ejaculation in the first place Like I said, I'm going to start 'training' with 3 files for two weeks. Originally Posted by Dude Jackpot 13 Purchase this product now and earn 35 Points!

Even though i didnt cum still have porn ED but im day 16 no fap. Would love it if someone combined them all into a torrent or something. It's fucking hot - well worth the bucks. Worked for me the first time!!!

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Thank you all so much!

Let us know your feedback so we can evolve and improve. Tumblr bikini fuck. I think there are 4 total, and only one of them is like that, though. Originally Posted by everglide I tried laying still once. Crazy Anal Valentine threesome in virtual reality 26 sec Vrporntips - Like what happend between the legs?

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Newbie — March 11, Just starting to explore my fetish for submissiveness and hypnotism, this was my first time listening to one of your recordings. This Jackpot series is the 1 bestseller of all my trance recordings and it has consistently stayed at the top of the charts.

I just have a question… well really … a statement… and that is… The reason I looked into this stuff was because I made my girlfriend cum through hypnosis as well… do you suggest for me to give her hypnotic instructions while making love to her? U by Trance the ones in the thread have long been dead. Isabella valentine hands free. It has been at least a year since I have last listened to anything from her Maybe I should get more sleep too! Likewise, it allows you to go back and re-read your progress. This recording is a must have!

I'd like to have more and more intense hands free orgasms and hands free ejaculations. I was desperate and I downloaded and listened to it once People have been text-trancing one another for decades online and that - because of no voice or camera aspects many years past - was purely eyes open trancing experience.

Has anyone already got the audio and video uploaded to google drive or something like that? I didn't snag it, but someone else might have. Just write down what sensations you felt. Fat asses bent over. While I have some of my own ideas for improving the next one I write, I'd love to hear what others thought as well. We've received your report and will correct the listing shortly. On Youtube also is a female hypnotist named Jaqueline Powers who I think has some hands-free pleasure stuff as well.

I some how got into this after watching a video called hypnogirl. But I can't seem to reach a full hands-free orgasm. Log in to watch more. Anybody got Hands Free from Mistress Zaida? It's fairly simple to associate one experience that you love, like arousal with an idea that doesn't at all appeal to you. Read the rules before contributing. Lavie asian escort. Adrian D — March 11, Well played, love… well played. Can't remember which thread, it might have been bumped off by now.

So, I listened to that mp3 every day, once a day, for about 2 weeks. All we had is what we could take and defend. Apr 1, 4. Remember your video choices. So, I think I am going to try to do the same once-a-day for two weeks thing with a couple files I'll do HFO sessions a day.

I still can't find anything that tops ICU or Abduction so hopefully one of these comes close I needed some physical help at the end, but was getting totally hot!

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Paddy o brien nude If so, you could just go there and reuse the dl-link. You need to be able not to let your mind drift.
Hot girls in san antonio And that ambiguity lends itself nicely to HFO since there are no direct instructions to touch.
Sex massage delhi Then she said Jackpot and for a split second I was bummed out cuz the feelings subsided

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