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In fact, Iconiq was They are not here to satisfy your sexual needs. Hot student naked. Korean media haven't named a single person, including one of the more shared reports: In fact, it's not even Korean at all.

Kpop idol nude

This could have major implications so why not have a discussion about it? She was marketed as a mystery woman and little information was released about this apparent star-in-the-waiting. I was saying that in relation to your comment about how Korea's age system determines when someone becomes an adult, but I guess it got misinterpreted by others as kinda hostile towards you? What Are You Listening To? They likely told them to make a video as collateral to ensure that they obey the sponsor.

Ok, peps managed to find the other one. Kpop idol nude. Up, Up and Away! But sometimes they can go too far. The sponsor could theoretically be apart of the presidential scandal, hundreds of people are. Imagine if the government of your own country was being run by a cult, would any celebrity scandal in your country really take importance over it? Always under the watchful eye of your minders and agency controllers. We're not taking legal action as of now but we plan to take action if the illegal activity continues.

Former Nagoya idol announces porn debut next year. While her body was visible, there weren't any ways she was completely exposed or revealing her private parts.

I honestly doubt there is a celebrity scandal big enough to top what happened with their president. Tumblr bound gagged. More likely that in turning over files for investigation this stuff was found. Rich powerful sponsor gets off on the power play of cyber sex with young desperate-to-be-famous men.

This is where most of that originated from translated to English with some research http: I wont link any content in addition to this as I'm sure it would result me into being baned. I'm not confirming it's them. The Hacker posted a list of the names along with screen caps of the video files. Tbh i don't buy the shit that this is for sex webcam or significant other. Who knows at this point why the videos are leaked, I just thought of it because of how supportive the Korean government is towards its entertainment industry and the rumours about how the mob is threatening the biggest companies in Korea, and entertainment companies are not exempt from those kind of "protection money".

Honey Popcorn comprises entirely Japanese adult video idols -- but who used to be music idols. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. Do not use machine translations like Google or Bing. In her latest TV advertising campaign, some innovative ad guys came up with the idea of having Mana dance in a sexy move reminiscent of Korean girl band KARA.

Men don't have a monopoly on using money and influence to explore their more pervy sides.

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I hope I'm only being paranoid though, because if these guys got flacks just for jerking off on camera not sure how K netizens will react to "females" doing something similar. Black babes pictures. Few would question that K-pop is run like a factory, churning out idols and new pop groups like snacks for the loving public.

And I'd bet the sponsor is a man. Also, I think Tara's member,mm not sure which one but I always heard one of them had a nude tape scandal or sth. Kpop idol nude. LovelySerenitylighterxx and Cutie like this. I also highly suspect sponsors being involved. It was a brilliant look. Share This Page Tweet. No male idols, though. No Memes, Jokes, or Shitposts Items intended primarily for humor are forbidden.

Potato land, land of the cuties. Synnove macody lund nude. Take it with a grain of salt but this is how one article describes it: Men don't have a monopoly on using money and influence to explore their more pervy sides. No Piracy This includes links to sites which promote or facilitate piracy as well as direct links to pirated materials such as torrents.

You currently have javascript disabled. Following the leak of actor Seo Ha Joon's nude video a few days ago, there are multiple celebrities now involved in this scandal. We're not taking legal action as of now but we plan to take action if the illegal activity continues. Who are the hottest haafu models and gravure idols in Japan? T-ara Jiyeon has a recording floating around of her nude on webcam.

The sponsor could theoretically be apart of the presidential scandal, hundreds of people are. Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Nude cousin pics. It's not easy being in an idol group. He's been legally considered an adult in Korea since January 1st. Mar 29, Messages: On the outdoor signboard, MonstaX was pleased to win No. Pritz is a minor Korean girl band comprised of four cute girls. That was ONE though. Like I said, this is just a crazy conspiracy theory that I thought of because I find it suspect suddenly not only one, but a few celebrities sexcam are leaked. LovelySerenity and Palujal like this. It's human nature and if there's something wrong with that, then there is also something wrong with the many, many idols who watch porn and there are a lot, look it up.

No one seemed to know who she was but everyone predicted big things for her. The internet is going a buzz again due to another wild controversy involving K-Pop idol Sulli! They show off their beautiful legs and butts in provocative dance moves. Naturally, not being politicians, it is unfair to call on them in this way So apparently getting a young infant to imitate their groove was a good idea And who the fuck is Baek Ji Young?

I shall throw in an early crazy conspiracy theory that the videos were forced filmed related to government sponsorship and Choon Sil or the president mob obtained the videos and decide to release those as a way to distract the public from their scandal. Even though she looks like she stumbled while walking through the Halloween aisle at Walmart and fell into a Hot Topic then walked outside and got struck by lightning.

They think little of grinding their bodies in ways that are more than just a little suggestive. Unfortunately, the broadcaster KBS has judged the song to be too sexy and banned it.

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I read this with Shia LaBeouf voice in my head. Edit - finally they took down the tweet Edit - and Fantagio has stated that Eunwoo's involvement in this is false and they plan to take legal action against anyone spreading rumors. It won't be the first time celebrities' scandals are used to cover up government scandals in SK. Big tit movie stars. Tumblr hot guys naked Some investigation by the tabloids revealed that Iconiq is Korean-Japanese, like a large number of celebrities in Japan.

What Are You Listening To? Welcome to our community. But sometimes they can go too far. I wonder if it's one person they trusted leaking all these videos or webcams getting hacked? There are no valid justifications for these kind of inhumane actions. They even said it's probably a hoax yet they aren't taking down the original tweet. Jan 19, Messages: I don't understand why people feel the need to do this.

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